Lay A Sure Foundation


If you've been given the task of leading your church through a major construction project, you've likely got a lot on your mind.


•  Where do we start?

•  What's a realistic budget?

•  How much money can we raise?

•  What’s the most cost effective way to build?

•  How can we get a building that supports our ministries?

•  How long will it take?

•  What risks do we face?

•  Why isn’t our building committee more effective?


It CAN be overwhelming!


Sparks-Grizzard Construction can help. We provide answers and guidance for all phases of a building project, from committee leadership to master planning to completion. Experts from many sectors - architecture, engineering, construction, fundraising, financing, acoustics and lighting - are on hand to lead committees and answer questions.


Sparks-Grizzard Construction specializes in designing and building churches. Over the past few years Sparks-Grizzard has helped over 100 churches plan, design, and build their dreams. So far this year we have 18 churches underway. Among the most beneficial "lessons" learned thus far are as follows:


•  A capital stewardship campaign is likely going to be necessary when a church's building fund needs are more than 1.5 times greater than its annual giving.


•  Designing for multiple uses can dramatically reduce construction costs.


•  One parking space is needed for every two to 2 1/2 seats.


•  Between 12 and 15 square feet of sanctuary space is recommended per person, depending on worship style.


•  An effective design "wraps a building around" your ministry rather than "forcing it into" a building.


•  Average Christians give 2.8% of their gross income to their churches.


•  Design/build projects are completed an average of 33% quicker - and for 6% less money, plus any cost differences in design price - than architect/bid projects, according to a Penn State University study sponsored by the Construction Industry Institute.


For more information about the services Sparks-Grizzard Construction, Inc. can provide for your church, please call (770) 979-5220.

We’re here to help!